Playlist September 13th, 2010

‘Dark night of the soul’ – Dangermouse and Sparklehorse ft David Lynch

‘Lovers carvings’ – Bibio

‘Crazy car’ – Olof Arnalds

‘Hunter’ – Bjork

‘Mind drips’ – Neon Indian (Bibio remix)

‘Fortune’ – Little Dragon (Ewan Pearson remix)

‘The song before’ – Broadcast

‘Slow motion’ – Panda Bear

‘What am I going to do?’ – The Dovers

‘Surf news’ – Lazer Sword

‘Tinderhearted’ – Super Melody

‘Skewed empathy’ – Crystal Castles remix

‘Faithful’ – World’s End Press

‘Someone great’ – LCD Soudnsystem

‘Sacre cool’ – Young Montana

‘In July Focus’ – Leatherette

‘Bright idea’ – Boomgates

‘Holidays’ – Gonjasufi (MRR remix)

‘Turn’- My Disco

‘M Theory/Jurassic Nation’ – Flying Lotus

‘Incantare’ – Solo Andata

‘Pixiphony’ – Kyu

‘Forever’ – The Emergency

‘Doowah’ – Magic Silver White

‘Compass’ – Jamie Lidell (TuNe-YaRds remix)

‘Blck canyon’ – Ana Caravelle (Shigeto remix)

‘Helicopter’ – Deerhunter

‘Ghetto Facil’ – El Gunicho

‘8000’ – Maluca (Diplo remix)

‘I work for it’ – Maluca

‘Devil in a new dress’ – Kany West

‘I want you’ – Flako ft Dirg Gerner

‘Bad day’ -Young Montana

‘Walk on’ – Electric Wire Hustle ft Stacy Epps

‘Filthy Divinity’ – Falty DL

‘Little Booty Girl’ – Thunderheist

‘See how the sun’ – Surf City

‘Halfway home’ – TV On The Radio

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