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Playlist, October 25th 2010

“Groove is in the heart” – Crocodiles (Deee-lite cover)

“Shake the shackles” – Crystal Stilts

“Nightshift in blue” – Danimals

“The birds don’t fly this high” – Lone

“Sacre cool” – Young Montana?

“Lovesick” – Lindstrom feat Christobel (Fourtet remix)

“Alsation darn” – Panda Bear

“Ashtro” – Letherette

“I don’t need your friendship” – Total Warr

“It’s too late for you and me” – Moodyman

“Hold out” – Washed Out

“Bahu” – S.Maharba

“Slits Tradition” – The Slits

“Yang Yang” – Anika

“We carry on” – Portishead

“Sugar walls” –Jackie O

“Let forever be” – The Chemical Brothers

“Groove me” – Maximum Balloon

“Shark ridden waters” – Gruff Rhys

“Bobby Blue” – Joe Worricker (Lissvik remix)

“You can do it” – Ice Cube

“If you want it” – TV Girl

“Soul symphony” – Erik L

“Walk in the park” – Beach House (Live version)

“Flud” – Machinedrum

“Ghost of books” – Avey Tare

“Boomsland” – LV and Okmalumkoolkat

“Sunshine” – Rye Rye feat MIA

“When I’m in awe” – Gonjasufi


Lauren chats to Yang Haisong from P.K 14


“Embelishments” – P.K 14

“Turn” – My Disco

“Ultramarine” – Lone

“Deerhunter” – He would have laughed

“Wounded” – Jay Reatard

“After death” – Royal Baths

“Sweat the descent” – Illum Sphere

“Embrace the chill” – Swede:art feat Pursuit Grooves

“Bees” – Warpaint



Playlist October 18th, 2010

“Panther dash” – The Go Team

“Must be nice” – Frankie Rose and The Outs

“Nikki don’t” – The Royal Baths

“After 4AM” – Long Arm

“Embrace the chill” – Swede:art ft Pursuit Groove

“Beamer, Benz or Bentley” – Lloyd Banks

“Back up plan” – Big Boi

“It’s a lovely night” – Amon Tobin

“Kisses” – Kisses

“Meet the Frownies” – Twin Sister

“The perfect me” – Deerhoof

“You’ve heard” – Daedelus

“Faithful” – World’s End Press

“It’s 2 late 4 U and me” – Moodyman

“Sleep paralysist” – Neon Indian

“Apply” – Glasser

“When I grow up” – First Aid Kit (Fever Ray cover)

“Warpaint” – Warpaint

“Ashtro” – Letherette

“People do amazing things” – Kisses (St Etienne remix)

“The wind up” – 2562

“I was a lover” – TV On The Radio

“Groove me” – Maximum Balloon ft Theophilus London

“Sunshine” – Rye Rye ft MIA

“Colours” – Hot Chip DFA remix

“Glass feathers” – Galapagoose and Young Magic

“After the war” – Black Cab

“Home” – The Suzan

“Desire lines” – Deerhunter

“Rattling cage” – Forest Swords

“Alsation darn” – Panda Bear

“Lucky 1” – Avey Tare

“And we’re gonna go” – Shigeto (Samiyam remix)

“The Merry Barracks” – Deerhoof

“Furth and Myre” – Letherette

“Menopause Man” – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

“Blondin makes an omelette” – Gareth Liddiard

Broadcast Australian Tour Promo Video

[click image to enlarge tour information]

To celebrate their first ever Australian Tour, Broadcast produced this promotional video:

Greatest Hits – Danse Pop 7″ and Download

Brooklyn-based electro-trio Greatest Hits have just issued a 7″ entitled Danse Pop through Olde English Spelling Bee. Filled with damaged dance and lo-fi art pop, it offers a compelling combination of sounds.

For those not after the vinyl, the entire four-track release is available at Olde English Spelling Bee Soundcloud for free download.

You can obtain the tracks here.

Caribou Swim Remixes


To follow the release of Swim, one of 2010’s most engaging albums, Caribou is set to issue a collection of remixes contributed by a diverse and accomplished list of artists. Swim Remixes will feature re-interpretations from Gold Panda, DJ Koze, and Nite Jewel,  and is due for release on October 26 in the UK and November 2 in the US.

This reworking of Leave House by Stuttgart’s masterful dance producer Motor City Drum Ensemble draws out the groove of the original and adds more percussive elements to hypnotic effect

Download: Caribou – Leave House (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix) [.mp3]

(via Pitchfork)

Playlist – October 11th, 2010

‘Margerine Melody’ – Stereolab
‘Dance Yrself Clean’ – LCD Soundsystem
‘Synchronize ft. Jarvis Cocker’ – Discodeine
‘Flud’ – Machinedrum
‘Stay Lit (Bishop Morocco Remix)’ – Holy Fuck
‘Love Line ft. Blu’ – Exile
‘Demon Days’ – Stereolab
‘And We’re Gonna Go (Samiyam Remix)’ – Shigeto
‘Lucky 1’ – Avey Tare
‘New Theory’ – Washed Out
‘Yang Yang’ – Anika
‘Must Be Me’ – Frankie Rose & The Outs
‘Fountain Stairs’ – Deerhunter
‘Gilgamis’ – Apaslar
‘Never Come Around’ – La Sera
‘I Can Be A Jerk’ – Eddy Current Suppression Ring
‘Princes’ – Dick Diver

Studio Interview with Steph Hughes and Brendan Huntley from Boomgates Pt.1

‘Bright Idea’ – Boomgates

Studio Interview with Steph Hughes and Brendan Huntley from Boomgates Pt.2

‘Cameo’ – Boomgates
‘Shimmering Stars’ – East Van Girls
‘Undertow’ – Warpaint
‘Sunshine’ – Rye Rye ft. M.I.A.
‘Farewell To Wendo’ – Mock & Toof
‘Dowah’ – Magic Silver White
‘Get Real Get Right’ – Sufjan Stevens
‘Don’t You Think I Do’ – James Blake
‘STRT SRNS’ – Wise Blood
‘Got Me Trippin’ (The Amerie Joint)’ – Consequence
‘Groove Me’ – Maximum Balloon ft. Theophilus London
‘Be True (Burial Remix)’ – Commix
‘Apply’ – Glasser
‘Embrace The Chill (Waxolutionists Remix)’ – Swede:art ft. Comfort Fit & Pursuit Grooves
‘Fall In Love (Your Funeral)’ – Erykah Badu
‘I Found The F’ – Broadcast
‘Faithful’ – World’s End Press
‘Embellishments’ – PK.14
‘Let It (Lazer Sword Remix)’ – Machinedrum ft. Melo-X

Jarvis Cocker Collaboration with Discodeine for DFA Records

Former Pulp lead-singer, and subsequently solo artist Jarvis Cocker has recently collaborated with brilliant French production duo Discodeine (aka Pilooski and Pentile). The result of their work together is the track Synchronize, which will be a duel release by DFA and Discodeine’s home label Dirty. The EP will be released in November, and the self-titled Discodeine LP is due for release in early 2011.

Stream Synchronize here: