Playlist October 7th, 2010

‘He would have laughed’ – Deerhunter
‘Same dream China’ – Gold Panda
‘Swimming Pool’ – Catcall
‘At work’ – Amon Tobin
‘Never’ – Mystery Twin
‘Forge your own chains’ – D.R Hook
‘Eyesore’ – Women
‘Hot buns’ – Mario Nascimbene
‘Prisoner of a single passion’ – Saroos (Graeme Jerfferies cover)
‘The melody’ – Eskmo
‘Silva and Grimes’ – Holy Fuck
‘Embrace the chill’ – Swede:art feat Pursuit Grooves and Comfort Fit
‘Groove me’ – Maximum Balloon (Dave Sitek)
‘Only you’ –  DJ Mitsu The Beats
‘Jorgy’ – Dabrye
‘Yang Yang’ – Anika
‘Heart is strange’ – School of Seven Bells (Active Child remix)
‘Threats’ – Robot Koch
‘Take shelter’ – Active Child
‘Teqkilla’ – MIA (Mshini Wam Boot remix ft Gnucci Banana)
‘Helicopter’ – Deerhunter (Diplo and Lunice remix)
‘Dance brace’ – Letherette
‘Candylane’ – Gonjasufi (Bibio remix)
‘Send me your love’ – Onra
‘Out of touch’ – Hall and Oats (Lunice remix)
‘I only know (what I know)’ – James Blake
‘Undertow’ – Warpaint
‘Afternoon in bed’ – The Wooden Birds (The Bats cover)
‘Experience’ – Daedelus
‘I walked’ – Sufjan Stevens
‘Warm slime’ – Thee Oh Sees
‘Holiday’ – Coolies
‘Thieves beat’ – Kes Trio
‘Gameland’ – Pikelet (Dan Block remix)
‘Love kills’ – Robyn
‘Maki’ – Kloke

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