Playlist, October 25th 2010

“Groove is in the heart” – Crocodiles (Deee-lite cover)

“Shake the shackles” – Crystal Stilts

“Nightshift in blue” – Danimals

“The birds don’t fly this high” – Lone

“Sacre cool” – Young Montana?

“Lovesick” – Lindstrom feat Christobel (Fourtet remix)

“Alsation darn” – Panda Bear

“Ashtro” – Letherette

“I don’t need your friendship” – Total Warr

“It’s too late for you and me” – Moodyman

“Hold out” – Washed Out

“Bahu” – S.Maharba

“Slits Tradition” – The Slits

“Yang Yang” – Anika

“We carry on” – Portishead

“Sugar walls” –Jackie O

“Let forever be” – The Chemical Brothers

“Groove me” – Maximum Balloon

“Shark ridden waters” – Gruff Rhys

“Bobby Blue” – Joe Worricker (Lissvik remix)

“You can do it” – Ice Cube

“If you want it” – TV Girl

“Soul symphony” – Erik L

“Walk in the park” – Beach House (Live version)

“Flud” – Machinedrum

“Ghost of books” – Avey Tare

“Boomsland” – LV and Okmalumkoolkat

“Sunshine” – Rye Rye feat MIA

“When I’m in awe” – Gonjasufi


Lauren chats to Yang Haisong from P.K 14


“Embelishments” – P.K 14

“Turn” – My Disco

“Ultramarine” – Lone

“Deerhunter” – He would have laughed

“Wounded” – Jay Reatard

“After death” – Royal Baths

“Sweat the descent” – Illum Sphere

“Embrace the chill” – Swede:art feat Pursuit Grooves

“Bees” – Warpaint


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